Friday, June 25, 2010

Magical Moment story winner

Submitted by Kristin Deutmeyer

Malea and I have had many a magical moment, most in the discomfort of a hospital room. We have often used "magic" to distract her from the reality of what is happening to her body and the pain that might be a part of that. We have used everything from "magic lotion" (which takes away some of the pain of an IV insertion) to sunglasses that make her "invisible". But the one story that stands out the most in my mind was a day when Malea was feeling exceptionally sick. She had been throwing up and really just did not feel well. I commented that I wished she would feel better and called her "princess" as a term of endearment. She told me how she wished she could be a princess, because "princesses don't get sick" and "live in castles not hospitals". We spent the next 30-40 min talking about what it would be like if she WAS a princess. For those 30-40 min her eyes sparkled and she wasn't a sick little girl in a hospital bed, she was a PRINCESS. And, having her not miserable for that time WAS magical :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calling all story tellers!

I am in need of ONE tester. For this one, I need you to be creative. Tell me a story about a magical moment with your child. Please send your story to me at I will pick the winning story on June 25th at noon MST. The winning story will be posted here and facebook. Good luck and happy story telling!

Friday, June 11, 2010

MEGA Art Center

Do you have a budding artist? This is perfect for you! This art center has all you need to draw and write to your heart's content. It is larger than the Mini Art Center. There is a large 8 1/2 x 11 pad of paper and colored pencils to draw with. Under the pad of paper is a large chalkboard to draw on with the piece of chalk. There is a handy pouch to store all your pencils, chalk, and eraser. It includes a pad of paper, 12 colored pencils, a piece of chalk, chalkboard, and an eraser for the chalkboard. It is totally personalized choose the fabric you would like.

Nursing Coverup

Made from light, breathable fabric, this coverup is perfect for nursing on the go! It has an adjustable neck strap for a great fit. There is a pocket on the bottom to hold baby's pacifier and your nursing pads. It also doubles as a travel case. You choose the fabric. Go to to pick out your fabric.


We have so many playmats for you to choose from. Check them all out!

Roadway Rollup

Pony Pasture Mat

Army Man Rollup

Dinosaur Rollup

Ducky Rollup

Fireman Rollup

Princess Rollup